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Beyond the Bath

Healthy Children, Healthy Families

Through volunteer time, financial donations and skill sharing programmes, JOHNSON’S® is dedicated to supporting happy, healthy baby development for kids all around the world. Some of the programmes we’re involved with include:

Save the Children – JOHNSON’S® is an advocate for all babies all around the globe. Through our partnership with Save the Children, we can support efforts to create a safe and stimulating environment for babies today and tomorrow to help them thrive.

Millennial Development Goals - In 2010, JOHNSON’S® along with our parent company, Kenvue, answered the United Nation’s (UN) call to save the lives of women and children and improve their health and well-being. This call to action, titled Every Woman Every Child, supported the UN’s Millennium Development Goals 4, 5 and 6. Our company pledged to support these health-related Goals with a comprehensive, five-year commitment to reach as many as 120 million women and children a year by 2015 by working with partners in areas such as midwifery education and mHealth. Kenvue met this goal a year early, and estimates reveal that we exceeded this commitment in 2015. As the UN rolls out the new Sustainable Development Goals this year, we will continue our focus on the health and well-being of women, children and families worldwide.

Our Babies Will Inherit the Planet

We all want to leave our children with a healthy planet. JOHNSON’S® is committed to doing its part to ensure an environmentally stable and secure world for our children as they grow. For more information on how our parent company, Kenvue, has been caring for the planet for more than 120 years, please visit

With 9 billion people expected to be living in the world by 2050, and natural resources already being consumed faster than the planet can replenish, caring for the planet that cares for us has never been more important.


One of the ways we hold ourselves accountable for environmental improvement is our EARTHWARDS® programme. EARTHWARDS® defines how we address the environmental and social impacts of our products. To become EARTHWARDS® recognised is no easy feat. It requires a product to deliver on Kenvue’s highest standards for product sustainability. We consider the impacts of sourcing the ingredients for the product, making the product, packaging the product, and delivering the product to you. We also think about the impacts while you use it - think hot water - and after you use it - think recycling!

By 2020, all new JOHNSON’S® products will be EARTHWARDS® recognised, meaning that they will meet higher science-based environmental standards across at least three of seven categories: materials, packaging, energy, water, waste, innovation, and social impacts. We will keep you updated on our EARTHWARDS® progress here.

CARE TO RECYCLE®: You can make a difference in your home, as well, especially in the smallest room in the house – the bathroom. By recycling your empty JOHNSON’S® bottles you are helping us turn plastic into possibilities. For more information on our CARE TO RECYCLE® programme, visit

Our Safety & Care Commitment: We’ve developed tools that help us ensure that our products are not only gentle on baby, but also gentle on the environment long after you use them. Since many of our products are washed off the body into the local wastewater systems, which then feed into the broader water supply, we seek to understand how our products interact with these water environments using a tool we call GAIA — Global Aquatic Ingredient Assessment. For more information, visit Our Safety & Care Commitment.

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