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From the playground to potty training, you don’t always need a full bath to help your little one freshen up. And those moments when you take a quick break to wipe her hands and face mean much more than you know. Your gentle touch helps her self-confidence and the enjoyable and familiar scents of JOHNSON’S® Baby Gentle Cleansing Wipes can improve her mood.

Newborn Freshening

Most paediatricians or midwives recommend bathing newborns two or three times per week, increasing the frequency as your baby gets older. Even though you may not give your baby a bath every day, make sure that the nappy area is kept clean at every nappy change, and that her face, skin folds under the chin and hands are cleaned after every feeding.

A sponge bath is an alternative many moms choose for very young babies.


For those times when you’re out and about or when hand washing just isn’t convenient, you can still be comfortable keeping your baby clean and fresh when on the go. Our JOHNSON’S® wipe is a perfect nappy bag companion.

How often do parents bathe their babies around the world?

The average bath time is 23 minutes, six times a week. That’s 10 hours a month of bath time!

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As your baby grows and starts to explore more, she’ll encounter more germs. Visit BabyCenter® to learn how to protect her.

Moms around the world trust JOHNSON’S® to care for their babies

We are committed to working with moms, healthcare experts and scientists to ensure our products continue achieving the highest standards in safety, quality and care.

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