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Like touch, scent plays an integral part in your baby’s healthy development. The feelings of safety, happiness and ease that your touch creates are strengthened even more when you use products that enhance the massage experience through the power of scent.

Enjoyable and familiar scents have been proven to improve babies’ moods, calmness and alertness, and the scent of a mother can help reduce crying.

Establishing regular routines with products featuring familiar scents can help your baby connect to the experience, and to you, more quickly.  

Scent: The Key to Lasting Memories

Memories evoked by smell are more emotional and pleasant than those created by other senses. The ability to smell and the associations smells evoke start occurring very early on in life. Newborns use their sense of smell right from birth to familiarise themselves more with their world than any other sense. In fact, this is where the bond between you and your baby begins—babies can recognise their mothers by smell alone.

Within the first few weeks of life, your baby’s brain starts to make associations during experiences between the emotions they feel and the scents they smell. Pleasant smells, when paired with your loving touch, can create lasting memories your baby will remember for a lifetime.

Why Scent Evokes Memories More Than Any Other Sense

Why is fragrance more than just a pleasant scent? It’s all about the brain’s makeup.

When we see or hear something, signals are sent to the thalamus, a part of the brain that acts as a gatekeeper, before those signals are processed in the brain. But when we smell something, the signals are transmitted directly to the area of the brain responsible for processing smell ‒ called the olfactory bulb.

This scent processing area is connected via the olfactory pathway to the parts of the brain that are responsible for our emotions, known as the amygdala, and our memory, known as the hippocampus and entorhinal cortex.

As a result, smell activates these regions quicker and triggers more emotionally vibrant memories than any of the other senses.  

JOHNSON’S® “Smells Like a Baby!”

One of the fragrances people around the world associate most with babies is the scent of JOHNSON’S® baby

products. Our formulas help create warm lasting memories for both parents and babies across generations.

Where do JOHNSON’S® baby fragrances come from?

Givaudan is the premier fragrance house in the world and is responsible for creating some of JOHNSON’S® most iconic fragrances, including

North America: Baby Lotion, Gold Shampoo

Latin America: Baby Lotion, Gold Shampoo, HEAD-TO-TOE®

Asia-Pacific (except Europe, the Middle East and Africa): Baby Lotion, Gold Shampoo

Europe, the Middle East and Africa: HEAD-TO-TOE®

Scent and Memory

Scent and Memory

Discover amazing facts about the connection of scent and emotion from olfactory expert, Dr. Kumar Vedantam.

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Your child's sense of smell is still evolving until around age 8. Let BabyCenter® take you through her olfactory development month by month in that first year.

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