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Everyday experiences in a baby’s life can help develop and stimulate his or her senses and provide parents an opportunity to nurture their baby’s ability to learn, think, and grow. 

The infant's skin's first line of defencse against the external environment:

  • Maintains internal hydration and electrolytes balance (homeostasis)1
  • Protects against water loss1
  • Provides thermal regulation1
  • Serves as a tactile sensory organ1
  • Protects against penetration of external irritants2

Infant skin barrier protection should be a vital part of holistic healthcare for infants.

Some studies suggest that the application of emollients that strengthen the health of baby skin effectively reduces the risk of pathogens penetrating the skin, helping to prevent one in three preterm deaths.3

Ref 4

Educate mothers about the vital importance of baby skin health

Some mothers think they can protect their babies from the harsh environment and prevent infectious disease by using strong antiseptic products during bath time.

Traditional baby skincare routines include amongst others:

  • Using an adult bar of soap5
  • Adding antiseptic liquid to the water6
  • Scrubbing with a sponge using harsh cleansers too many times a day6

Scrubbing with harsh cleansers can disrupt the epidermal barrier and weaken the baby’s natural ability to fight off infection.


Evidence-based infant skincare is a key protective intervention.


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