New parent shopping list

New Parent Shopping List

You’ve painted the nursery walls and child-proofed your home. You’re ready…almost. Here’s a handy shopping list to help you stock up with essentials for your newborn.


The NO MORE TEARS® cleanser that’s independently proven safe for newborn skin from the first day. It’s formulated for use on baby’s entire body and hair, is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

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JOHNSON’S® Baby Fragrance Free Jelly

Whilst nappy rash typically doesn’t become a problem until your baby is around 3 months old, it’s important to protect against the causes. JOHNSON’S® Baby Fragrance Free Jelly has a clinically proven mild formula that forms an effective barrier against wetness to help prevent nappy rash. It has a soft texture that spreads easily and is enriched with nourishing oils to help smooth and soften the skin. 

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Cotton Buds

100% pure cotton buds. Use to gently clean and dry in between baby’s fingers, toes and around the eyes, nose or outer ear. Soft and gentle for your skincare needs. 

JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo

If your baby happens to have a lovely head of hair, our NO MORE TEARS® formula gently cleanses, without irritating her eyes. 

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JOHNSON’S® Baby Moisturising Lotion

Clinically proven mild and gentle formula and with a wonderful baby fresh smell, use it every day to help keep your baby’s skin moisturised. Great for Mom's too! 

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Our trusted Baby Oil has many uses! It spreads easily and locks in up to 10 times more moisture, keeping skin babysoft. It’s also great for baby massage and for softening cradle cap so it can be rinsed away easily. 

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JOHNSON’S® Baby Fragrance Free Extra Sensitive Wipes

Independently proven safe for newborn skin from the first days, these are ideal for use at every nappy change. The NO MORE TEARS® formula is also kind to eyes, meaning they can be used all over baby’s body. 

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Nursing Pads

An important buy for when you’re breastfeeding, these disposable pads can be worn in any regular or nursing bra. Good nursing pads should provide advanced leakage protection, a unique contour shape and a non-slip adhesive strip to ensure discreet comfort. 


You'll go through many more than you'd think. Stock up with a couple of packs in newborn size.