JOHNSON’S® Baby TOP-TO-TOE® Wash Passes The Ultimate Test

JOHNSON’S® Baby TOP-TO-TOE® Wash maintains skin barrier integrity as well as water alone1.

Primary results

After four weeks, TEWL levels in the group bathed with the gentle baby cleanser were not inferior to TEWL levels in the group bathed with water alone.

Secondary results

After four weeks, hydration was statistically greater in the group bathed with the gentle baby cleanser, but not to a clinically important extent. There were no significant differences in dryness, erythema or excoriation between the groups. Mothers in the cleanser group were more likely to continue with the wash regimen after the study than in the water group, suggesting a preference for the baby product.


JOHNSON’S® Baby cleansing products are specially formulated for newborn skin

1.Lavender, T., et al. Infant Skin-cleansing Product Versus Water: A Pilot Randomized, Assessor-blinded Controlled Trial. BMC Pediatrics. Vol. 11, No. 35. Pg 1-9. 2011.