Newborn Skin Is Developing And Needs Special Care

Skin barrier function is less mature

Newborn skin is different from adult skin. For example, Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL), which indicates the amount of water that escapes from the skin, is higher in newborns than in older baby skin1. Consequently, the newborn skin barrier is less mature and likely to be more vulnerable to environmental threats. TEWL does not decrease to ‘mature’ levels until at least the first year of life2.

Important implications for newborn skin3

  • More prone to dryness, environmental threats and irritation
  • Skin barrier must be maintained and protected

Newborn skin cleansers must be as gentle as possible

Cleansing products are necessary to effectively remove unwanted substances, such as urine and faeces, dirt or breast milk residues from newborn skin4. But, harsh cleansers can increase skin barrier disruption, leaving it likely to be more vulnerable to irritation5. Mild cleansers should respect the newborn skin barrier4.


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