Healthy Skin for Healthier Babies

While some believe a bath is just a time to clean your baby, the JOHNSON’S® brand believes that bathtime is a time for more. It is a time for more bonding, more learning, and more sensory stimulation, which means engaging your baby’s senses through sight, touch, sound, and smell. Bathtime, both cleansing and massage, can offer a multi-sensory playground where parents and babies have the opportunity to not only bond but also discover, together.

  • Visual stimulation facilitates early communication & provides a foundation for social development.2,3
  • Routine touch and massage reduces stress in babies and improves maternal mood and anxiety, keeping mom and baby happy. 4,5,6
  • Auditory stimulation not only creates memory for baby’s language development, but also promotes bonding between baby and parent.3, 7
  • Smell is the number one sense linked to memory. Stimulation of smell also promotes relaxation and advances learning when combined with touch.5,8,9


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