Bathtime play

Bathtime is the perfect time for mom or dad to bond with baby through fun and games. Watch our video guide for ideas on making bathtime fun, and then try out our bath games for babies of all ages.


Discover new ways to make bathtime even more fun.

Bathtime Play for Babies 0-6 Months

1. Sing simple songs to baby as you bath them - like "This is the way to wash your face."
2. Turn empty bottles into submarines, boats and even rocket ships. Wheeee!

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Bathtime Play for Children 6-15 Months

1. Use wooden spoons, plastic containers, etc for a fun music-making session.
2. Blow bubbles - simply drop a little JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo on your hands...

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Bathtime Play for Children 15+ Months

1. Naming of parts - put bubbles on different parts of baby's body, and encourage him to say their names - nose, arm, hand - you can repeat as you dry them afterwards too...

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