The importance of touch

Touch is so important to our health and wellbeing. Think about the times when you've felt sad or alone. Didn't a hug from a friend make you feel better? Likewise, your baby also feels better when held and comforted by your loving touch. In fact, studies have shown that touch therapy, including baby massage, contributes to a healthy weight gain, enhanced growth and social development in babies.


First language

Language scientists are now beginning to understand that in many ways, touch is our first language. Gentle and loving touch can help small...

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For many of us, babies communicate by crying. Would babies cry less if they were touched more? New research seems to suggest that increasing...

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Soothe your baby's worries through touch

Some parents don’t pick up their babies as often as they could because they are afraid they will spoil them, but nothing could be further from...

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Parental Touch

Did you know that each parent has his or her own way of touching? Research has shown that when mothers touch babies, they are usually soothing...

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Why touch is important for your baby

As you spend more time with your baby, you'll learn to read his likes, dislikes, desires and emotions. You'll learn the best time for...

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