Safety is our number one priority

Safety is our number one priority and we want parents to have full peace of mind. Our products are specially formulated to meet the special needs of babies’ skin and thoroughly assessed to make sure they’re safe, mild and gentle for use on babies.

Ingredient Choice

Every ingredient in our products is rigorously reviewed by scientific experts before being selected. Our final formulations are then tested and reviewed to ensure they are safe and work effectively. Once our products are in-store we continually monitor consumers’ experiences, as well as the latest scientific research.

All our products and ingredients meet the regulatory requirements in every country in which they are sold, and we often exceed those requirements.

On top of this, we look to meet consumers’ highest expectations and we understand that as parents, you may have some questions about the ingredients used in baby products. So we’ve compiled a list of some frequently asked questions about ingredients.


I have concerns regarding JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder and its safety?

JOHNSON’S® Baby powder is made with talc, a naturally-occurring mineral that is used as the primary ingredient in our baby powder to give it the cooling and silky feeling that parents and children love. The talc in our baby powder has been consistently accepted as safe to use by regulatory authorities around the world and meets the highest in quality standards. Like all our products, our baby powder contains only ingredients that are fully evaluated by scientific and medical experts to ensure they are safe to use.

Your family’s well-being has, and always will be, our top priority. We want you to know that all of our ingredients meet our strict standards to ensure they are safe to use, and are of the highest quality.

What is talc?

Talc is a naturally-occurring mineral that’s been used in many body powders for generations. It can be found in all kinds of cosmetic and care items, including baby powder, blush and foundation. Talc has been a popular ingredient for many years and has been scientifically shown to be safe to use. To find out more about the safety of talc in cosmetic products please visit

The Cosmetic, Toiletry & Perfumery Association (CTPA) has further information on the safety of cosmetic talc available on

Do you use formaldehyde in any of your baby products?

The products in the JOHNSON’S® Baby range in South Africa do not contain formaldehyde or formaldehyde-releasing preservatives. As of the end of 2013, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives have been removed from our baby products globally.

What about other preservatives, such as parabens?

Parabens are naturally occurring preservatives that can be found in fruits and vegetables. There are many different types of parabens, and they are among the most widely used preservatives in personal care products, having been used for more than fifty years with an excellent safety record.

The products in the JOHNSON’S® Baby range in South Africa do not contain parabens. On a global basis we have made a commitment to remove parabens from our baby products by the end of 2015.

Do you use MIT in any of your baby products?

Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) is a preservative found in many consumer and household products. None of the products in our JOHNSON’S® Baby range in South Africa contain MIT.

Do you use phthalates in any of your baby products?

Phthalates are used in cosmetic products for a number of reasons including to help fragrances last longer and make nail products resistant to chipping. None of the products in the JOHNSON’S® Baby range in South Africa contain phthalates. On a worldwide basis our baby products are now free from phthalates.

Do you use 1,4 dioxane in any of your baby products?

Shampoos and cleansers often contain trace, or very tiny levels of a compound known as 1,4 dioxane. This compound is a by-product of the process that makes cleansers mild and non-irritating. 1,4 dioxane is also found naturally in some foods.

The levels of trace 1,4-dioxane in our baby products have been reduced to what is currently the lowest reliably measurable level, well below established safe levels.

Do you use SLS in any of your baby products?

Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) is an ingredient used in some cosmetics products to allow liquid to foam. Although it has an excellent safe history record with more than 70 years of use in personal care products, our JOHNSON’S® Baby products in South Africa do not use SLS as an ingredient.

As you will see from our packs, instead we use Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) which helps provide a better balance of foam and mildness.

Do you test any of your products on animals?

Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies does not test cosmetic products or ingredients on animals.  The only exception would be in those cases where testing is required by law or government regulations and in this case, alternative in-vitro testing methods are actively sought.  There is no law or government regulation in South Africa that requires animal testing and we can therefore confirm definitively that no animal testing is performed on any of our products.

Do you use Quaternium-15 in your baby products?

Quaternium-15 is a formaldehyde releasing preservative and we no longer use formaldehyde releasing preservatives in our baby products in South Africa or globally.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via or sharecall 0860 410032.

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